Mindshare Capture Consulting's Performance-based Content Creation and Distribution Service is Designed for High-Tech Companies that offer Complex Solutions to Demanding Clients in Dynamic Markets.


What is Performance-based Content Creation & Distribution? 

Unless you are in the publishing industry, the primary purpose of your content creation strategy is to generate awareness, engage with key audiences and enable commercial activity around the products and/or services you bring to market. Performance-based content creation and distribution focuses on specific business outcomes that need to be achieved. Mindshare Capture Consulting clients don't pay for production and distribution... they pay for specific mission critical results. We remove business risk from the content creation and distribution process.

How Does Performance-based Content Creation & Distribution Work? 

  • It all starts with an initial assessment and understanding of our clients' business objectives for content creation and distribution. 
  • We then agree on the metrics that will define success for the project. 
  • We determine the categories of content (podcasts, vidcasts, blogs, articles, white papers, survey reports, case studies, etc.) that will best generate outcomes that can be tangibly measured.
  • We develop a distribution strategy (syndication, CRM email, social media, media outreach, analyst engagement, custom events, etc.) to reach your target audience for awareness or lead generation objectives.
  • We report on the tangible performance of the content creation and distribution initiative.

Who is Mindshare Capture Consulting?

MCC is a strategic communications agency that works with organizations who serve dynamic markets with complex solutions. The consultants, researchers, analysts, editors and writers at MCC are content providers to CIO.com, CSO.com, Network World, ComputerWorld and BizTechReports.  We specialize in producing content that puts complex concepts into business contexts that executive decision-makers can act upon.

MCC develops – and methodically promotes – compelling thought leadership messages for clients and prospects, as well as the media, analysts, and influencers that audiences depend on to make decisions. MCC expands meaningful awareness of who you are, what you do and why you should be a part of your target-audience’s future by implementing proven content strategies for engaging with key decision-makers. 

We are so confident in our rigorous thought leadership-based approach, that we don't charge for content creation and distribution; you pay for results your business needs.

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"I relied on Mindshare Capture to craft critical communications and go-to-market electronic and print collateral and supporting programs for 15 years. Their superior understanding of the multitude of interrelated technologies, ability to align technology issues and value props with compelling business cases, and distinctive creative communications skills have served my objectives extremely effectively.

Without hesitation I am pleased to recommend MCC as a resource that you can call on to make a real difference and support bottom line sales and marketing mission requirements."

Director, Channels & Alliances at IBM

"I had the pleasure of working with the team while at Microsoft. I was beginning to formulate a national strategy to close the digital divide and, due to low awareness regarding this subject, sought out a co-author with whom I could collaborate to create a model for municipalities. We collaborated to bring forward what were later looked upon as thought leadership works. The team quickly embraced and understood this complex issue and helped to shape the abstracts in a way that was easily understood by Mayors, Chief Information Officers and Mayoral staffs as key audiences. MCC is passionate about their work and are great partners. The team works with speed and precision. Working with MCC was a pleasure and I look forward to working with them again in the future."

Chief Executive Officer at Leadership Greater Chicago


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