The Mindshare Dilemma

Mindshare is a pre-requisite for market share. If your target audience does not know who you are, what you do, and – most importantly – why you should be trusted to offer solutions, then growing your business can be an up-hill battle.

Mindshare Capture Consulting (MCC) is a strategic communications agency that works with organizations who serve dynamic markets with complex solutions. These are the audiences that reward “trusted advisors” who offer clarity and confidence in confusing and constantly changing environments.

MCC develops – and methodically promotes – compelling thought leadership messages for the media, analysts, and influencers that audiences depend on to make decisions. MCC expands meaningful awareness of who you are, what you do and why you should be a part of your target-audience’s future.


Communicating Thought Leadership

The role of technology in today's global economy is critical to the success of organizations across all vertical industries. As a result, key technology strategies are now often set by a committee of senior business executives...not just by technologists.

However, capturing mindshare of C-level executives who participate in the technology selection process can be a difficult challenge. Business leaders are not only interested in technological innovation, they need to understand the strategic, operational and financial implications of mission-critical investments.

That is why enterprise executives look for trusted advisors who not only solve technical problems, but also support and advance the most important business objectives of their clients' organizations.

MCC's services are specifically designed to position technology solution providers as thought leaders that senior decision makers can depend on to execute complex business strategies.



Mindshare Capture Consulting offers providers of technology products and services meaningful content, insight, and strategies for engaging the interest and attention of business decision-makers. MCC brings decades of practical and proven executive communication experience in the global technology market. 


Strategic Communication & Consulting

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Thought Leadership Development

  • Implement a rigorous thought leadership-based executive communication program. 

  • Develop positions on issues that are currently on the minds of CIOs, CTOs, CFOs, COOs and CEOs in your target markets.

  • Offer impact analysis on how these issues manifest themselves differently across targeted vertical sectors.

  • Determine what C-level executives look for from their technology partners.

  • Establish differentiation among prospects who are exposed to thousands of marketing messages and sales call requests every week.

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Message Development & Communication

  • Establish disciplined communication strategy for key organizational messages.

  • Ensure that all communications are part of integrated marketing communications initiatives.

  • Integrate press release, media advisories and news alerts with synchronized social media and content marketing campaigns to maximize impact.

  • Identify and engage messaging allies (customers, partners, industry groups, etc.) to participate in joint go-to-market communication.  This elevates credibility, authority and share of voice in the market.

Speakers Bureau & Executive Communications

  • Provide comprehensive communications development and presentation support for consistent, high-value interactions with target audiences at industry events. 

  • Prepare executives for speeches, roundtables, panels and other public forums. 

  • Review the editorial calendars of key publications and media outlets that accept industry-submitted articles from executive subject matter experts.  

  • Communicate the expertise of specific executives through bylined articles in respected industry, technical and business publications.

Media & Analyst Engagement Initiatives

  • Prepare editorial calendar of thought leadership-based communications to establish and maintain a regular cadence with key target audiences.

  • Identify key members of the industry analyst and media community who reach target audiences.

  • Create one-on-one digital briefing programs for press and analysts.

  • Tailor presentations to the specific areas of analytical interests covered by key influencers.

  • Host series of analyst/media events in conjunction with trade shows or conferences. 

Performance-based Content


Content Creation & Distribution

  • Client tailored content campaigns focused on your business objectives:
    • Articles
    • White Papers
    • Case Studies
    • Podcast Interviews
    • Vidcasts & Webinars
    • Customer Surveys & Reports
  • Invoicing is based on achieving client defined performance outcomes.

Increase Your Mindshare Capture