Lane Cooper

Lane has over 30 years of experience as a researcher, reporter and editor analyzing the business and technology industry.  On average, Lane meets with 600 CIOs and senior enterprise executives every year to understand the impact of evolving technological developments on organizations of all sizes across all industries.

He is the Founder and Editorial Director of BizTechReports LLC, an independent reporting agency covering the business of technology, and a sister company of Mindshare Capture Consulting.

Lane has organized and moderated over a thousand live and online events and works with a variety of high-tech organizations to ensure that information is presented in a context that is useful to an audience of sophisticated technology buyers and implementers. 

Lane is a Contributing Content Partner to CIO Magazine and a Consulting Researcher to Current Analysis. Other news services and magazines that have carried his by-line include: Voice Report, Network World, Byte Magazine, TechWeb, Optimize, Information Week, Telephony, Communications Week, ComWeek International,  and Enterprise Systems Journal


Nathan Fisher

Nathan's entire career has been dedicated to the art of storytelling. He has spent the past 5 years applying that passion in the field of marketing and communications. 

A natural team leader and communicator, Nathan oversees Mindshare Capture Consulting's team of experienced industry researchers, writers and analysts who produce multimedia content offerings (audio, video, written) for our clients.

Nathan is experienced in handling dynamic productions with nuanced objectives while meeting deadlines. He is a dedicated team leader and focused on providing solutions and building relationships.

He has most recently contributed his management and storytelling skills in the entertainment and technology industry working with industry leading scientists and artists to increase client exposure and focus their messaging. Nathan's unique analytical and artistic insights help ensure clients tell their stories with intent.

Airrion Andrews

Airrion brings a decade of experience in thought leadership, media relations, and influencer engagement to the Mindshare Capture Consulting team.

He leads the MCC programs that build relationships connecting our clients' messages with key audiences.  His mission is to generate interest, awareness and engagement with targeted media, analysts and influencers. 

Airrion has telecom and broadcast experience as part of the team at Vyvx (now part of Level 3 Communications) managing fiber backhaul feeds and troubleshooting for customers at CNN, Fox News, and CNBC.  

Most recently, Airrion was engaged in the world of health policy where he connected with executives and healthcare experts to share their expertise. In support of this, Airrion has directed countless physical, broadcast and live outreach campaigns including media reports, press teleconferences, journalist trainings, and radio row style press events.

Acting upon his insight and narrative instincts, Airrion championed a story banking program (gathering and cultivating consumer testimonials, case studies and research) that shaped the national conversation during the historic healthcare reform debate leading to the Affordable Care Act of 2010. He gathered stories of the first consumers impacted by reform and focused the national conversation on the mission and impact of this new healthcare solution. Airrion went on to build state and national organizations' story banking programs.

Airrion applies his insight and focus to identifying the pain points within given markets and uses his storytelling skills to articulate solutions. For Airrion, the greatest stories are about impact and how company solutions improve outcomes for their clients, industries, and consumers.